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Student Organizations

Student Programs & Engagement supports over 100 student organizations which provide countless opportunities for student leaders to explore, engage, and be empowered at Bentley.

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Starting an Organization

The Association of Bentley Activities (ABA) is a governing organization made up of students who manage the new organization recognition process. The purpose of ABA is to provide Bentley students the opportunity to satisfy a demonstrated need for new organizations. This is accomplished through a student-driven process designed to produce organizations that are prepared, sustainable, and able to contribute to student life at Bentley. If you are interested in starting a new organization, email


Student Organization Resources

Anti-Hazing Campaign

We do not tolerate hazing of any kind. If you believe you or someone you know has been a victim of hazing, you can make a complaint to a resident assistant, academic adviser, professor, staff member or University Police, or through the anonymous anti-hazing tip line.

Student Organization Guidebook

Student Programs & Engagement’s Student Organization Guidebook provides a centralized policy resource for recognized undergraduate student organizations and their members. The policies and provisions contained in the Guidebook govern the conduct and operations of student organizations. Contact information and links for policies administered by other departments is provided throughout the document; students are encouraged to contact the relevant staff member or department if they have questions or would like more information. The Guidebook is reviewed annually by Student Programs & Engagement, in conjunction with the leadership of SGA, ABA, and AIA. Changes to this document may be made at any time; revisions will be communicated to student organizations in a timely manner. Feedback on current policies is always welcome and should be addressed to Roatha Kong, Assistant Director of Student Programs & Engagement.


Org Success Programming

1. Fall 2017 Org Workshop Dates:

  • Membership Workshop: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 2-3pm
  • Risk Management Workshop: Thursday, September 21, 2017 4-5pm
  • Constitution Workshop: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 2-3pm
  • New Members Workshop: Thursday, October 19, 2017 4-5pm


2. Fall 2017 Org Challenge

3. Student Organization of the Month Program

Each month, SP&E staff nominate and select one student organization as that month’s Student Org of the Month.           Nominations should be based on achievement of one or more of the following during the month of nomination:

  • A strong connection to the department, through co-sponsoring programs with our office, positive interactions with their Cluster Advisor, and/or a general “buzz” within the office about the organization’s good work
  • Thriving membership, with members who are engaged, growing in number, and/or demonstrate pride in their organization
  • High-quality, collaborative, and/or innovative events
  • Progress in long-term planning and organizational success, such as engaging in work around mission, vision, and goal-setting; successfully electing and transitioning in new officers; collaborating with their faculty/staff advisor; and/or successfully navigating organization policy (AIA, CPB, etc).