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Highlights of First-Generation Student Events

Spring 2021

Wellness Events

The first event in the Wellness Series sponsored by the First-Generation Student Support Committee was a journaling activity with Jenny Patton, Mayo Clinic-certified Wellness Coach and Senior Lecturer at Ohio State University, in January. Attendees were able to share their engage in mindfulness experiences in a one-hour writing session. Students who signed up in advance were given a journal for writing with the First-Falcon logo on the cover.

Pet Therapy Event

February's event enabled attendees to share their pets and experience the wonders of pet therapy. Led by Bentley's comfort dog, Blue, the event enabled attendees to experience the improved quality of life which having a pet can offer.

Fall 2020

First-Gen 101

Our first event of the academic year was First-Gen 101 which was a trivia game and information session. A Trivia Game covering several areas at the University was played with prizes given out to the top three winners. A question-and-answer session followed with representatives from key departments at Bentley. An informative and good time was had by all.

First-Generation Student Day Celebration

To celebrate National First-Generation Student Day on November 8, a lively panel discussion was held of three Bentley alumni who were first-generation college students. After answering questions about their experiences and how the outside world affected their lives at Bentley, questions were taken from the audience. The insights from this panel will provide valuable direction to our first-generation students.