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University Life

Program Structure

Each year of the Women's Leadership Program, WLP Leaders participate in diverse program events that build awareness and foster confidence - this includes workshops, mentor circles, and corporate visits. All program sessions listed are required. To remain in the program, students must be enrolled full-time as a Bentley student and attend a minimum of three sessions each semester.

Most mentor circles, workshops, and corporate visits take place during the Tuesday and Wednesday Activity Period (2-3:15PM). Students must participate in a minimum of three program sessions per semester. Students should be in communication with GSSP Director Julia Hvoslef regarding any potential academic or athletic conflicts.

CWB Leaders participate in group discussion on stereotypes


Alumna Jane Steinmetz lead a mentor circle and talking about her career

Mentor Circles

CWB Leaders watch an engineer at Dassault Systemes demonstrate their technology

Corporate Visits

Level 1 Requirements - Exploring the Landscape

During the first level, WLP Leaders are introduced to key concepts in leadership, workplace diversity and Intersectionality. They also make meaningful connections via peer mentors, corporate mentors, and visits to local companies. 

In level 1, students attend Orientation, six program events, and CDI101:

Offered in some capacity each semester:

  • Orientation (and beginning of semester check-in)
  • Leadership Exploration - Empowered Play Workshop
  • Unconscious Bias Workshop
  • Intersectionality Workshop
  • Imposter Syndrome Workshop (Spring)
  • Sexual Harassment Training Module
  • One Mentorship Circle OR Corporate Visit
  • Career Development Introduction 101 (CDI101)
Level 2 Requirements - Building Competence and Confidence

In the second level, WLP Leaders continue to explore equity issues and strategies, gain insight and experience in interpersonal communications, unlock their creativity, and focus on building strong presence and presentation skills. They also continue to be inspired and informed by corporate mentors and visits.

In level 2, students participate in five program events, and either CDI201 for undeclared majors or CDI 301 for declared majors:

Offered in some capacity each semester:

  • Creative Confidence Workshop
  • Powerful Presence Workshop
  • Interpersonal Communications Workshop
  • Perspectives: Hearing Others Workshop
  • One Corporate Visit OR Corporate Mentor Circle
  • Career Development Introduction 201 or 301 (CDI201/CDI301)
Level 3 Requirements - Developing Authentic Leadership

In the third level, WLP Leaders focus on understanding the value and impact of authentic leadership and gaining self-awareness of their talents and strengths as leaders and team members. They also gain insight on the importance of mentorship, sponsorship, and strategic networks, and continue to be inspired and informed by corporate mentors and visits.

In level 3, students participate in six program events:

Offered in some capacity each semester:

  • Mentorship, Sponsorship and Networking Workshop
  • Closing the Gap Workshop: Confidence and Other Hidden Barriers Workshop
  • How to Advocate in Professional Spaces Workshop
  • Intergroup Dialogue on Race
  • Exploration of Career Paths Workshop
  • One Corporate Visit OR Corporate Mentor Circle
Level 4 - Preparing to Launch

In the final level, WLP Leaders continue their development as authentic leaders by developing a personal vision for leadership and a unique value proposition as a leader. Workshops focus on preparing students to enter the workplace or graduate school. This includes a review of key strategies for inclusion and advancement, and short workshops on key skills such as writing your new narrative, men as allies, and Adulting.

In level 4, students participate in four or more program events (includes short workshops related to key life skills):

Offered in some capacity each semester (choose 4 out of the 5 workshops):

  • Adulting Workshop (Fall)
  • Writing Your New Narrative Workshop (Fall)
  • Intersectional Leadership Development Workshop (Fall)
  • Negotiations Workshop (Spring)
  • Men as Allies Summit (Spring)
  • One Corporate Visit OR Corporate Mentor Circle
Study Abroad Requirements

WLP Leaders who study abroad will have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a different culture and experience the country's social norms and attitudes – this includes attitudes and actions related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. To encourage the students to reflect on what they are experiencing, we ask that they observe and document their experiences relative to gender norms, stereotypes, and diversity by making entries in your Leadership Journal. Questions the students can consider:

  • How diverse is the campus environment? What is the gender and racial makeup of my classmates? How does this feel different than Bentley?
  • How diverse is the city/community when I am off campus? Do I feel welcome by the locals? How does this compare to my hometown?
  • Are people of different genders treated differently? How are they portrayed in local media and marketing materials – what are you seeing?
  • Am I treated differently because of my national origin, gender, race, or other social identity? What are specific examples? How does this compare to my experiences in the U.S. or home country?
  • Did I observe any interactions or hear discussions (both on campus or off campus) that stood out?

They then write a short essay (approx. 500 words) about their experiences and share it with the Women's Leadership Program via a community blog. Each fall, we hold an event where students can share photos, observations, and insights from their experiences with other WLP Leaders.

Please note: Bentley will apply your Women's Leadership Program award while you study abroad as long as you are a full-time student and you are abroad during the fall or spring semester. 

Other Required Program Elements

Academic Courses

WLP Leaders take two related electives any time during the four-year program.

Reflection Journal

Personal Leadership Journal

After each program event, WLP Leaders write a short reflective essay, based on the experience, and add it to a personal, online Leadership Journal. This provides an opportunity for students to journal their leadership journey through the program.

The WLP Community

Peer Mentoring

Every first-year WLP Leader is paired with a peer mentor who is an upperclasswomen in the program. The introduction is made over the summer and the mentor answers questions about the program and Bentley, supports the transition into Bentley, and acts as an ongoing contact, resource, and friend.

Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board is a small group of WLP Leader volunteers who take on roles within the WLP community to plan fun and educational programs. The roles include:

  • Alumni Engagement Committee – collaborate with the Office of Gender and Sexuality Student Programs (GSSP) and the Bentley Women’s Alumni Network to host one workshop, panel, or networking event per semester.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee  collaborate with the rest of the Student Advisory Board to ensure intersectional and anti-racist programming and plan a social justice conference once a year.
  • Social Events Committee – plan activities to foster community among WLP Leaders.
  • Book Discussion Committee– plan social gatherings in the Leadership Lounge to foster community among WLP Leaders.
  • Social Media Committee – collaborate with the GSSP to highlight Women’s Leadership Program events and workshops on Instagram.
Gender and Sexuality Student Lounge (GSSL)

Bentley’s Gender and Sexuality Student Lounge (GSSL) is a welcoming, inclusive space designed as a home base for students who identify as women and/or as LGBTQ+, and their allies. WLP Leaders can use this space to meet, study, chat, relax! Location: Student Center, Room 310A.

Volunteering Opportunities

WLP Leaders help represent the Office of Gender and Sexuality Student Programs (GSSP) in campus-wide events as well as Admissions-related events. Students should volunteer for at least one event during the academic year. Examples include staffing a table for the Equal Pay Day, at a GSSP-sponsored basketball game, or at Women's History Month related activities. Admissions-related events include GSSP open house events and calls to admitted students. 

Rona Mejiritski '22
I have learned to embrace my own authentic leadership style and feel confident in all sorts of settings. I can look up to the women leaders who came in to speak to us and learn from their experiences to build my own definition of women in business and leadership.
Rona Mejiritski ’22
WLP Leader and Corporate Finance and Accounting Major