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Global Perspectives

International students serve as classroom ambassadors


The WorldView program recognizes and values varying perspectives, encourages dialogue and promotes global citizenship. Acting as cultural ambassadors, WorldView students share their first-hand experiences with others to enrich classroom lessons and build a global community.

Here’s how it works: International students apply for the program. After completing training, they visit classrooms, events and staff meetings around campus to share their experiences and perspectives as an international student. In the past, a student from Ecuador presented to an advanced Spanish language class on slang, politics and culture. And panels of students have answered questions on topics like managing diverse workplaces and nonverbal communication styles.

A Global Spin on Learning

When Professor of History Cyrus Veeser was teaching a course in Caribbean history, he envisioned a presentation on the country’s culture, daily life, music and dance — including basic lessons in bachata, merengue and salsa. Dominican-born Jessica Ortega Weber, MSF ’18, stepped in. Read the feature in Bentley Magazine.

infographic about worldview program
WorldView for Students

WorldView is your chance to challenge stereotypes, teach others about your home country and share your perspective.

You can apply to be a WorldView Ambassador at any time. If you’re selected, we’ll train you on skills, tips and techniques that help you engage with others.

After you’re trained, you may be called upon to visit classrooms, events or staff meetings around campus to talk about your experiences or share your perspective. Scheduling is coordinated by CISS staff, and we’ll give you plenty of time and information to prepare.

How to apply:

Complete the online application. A CISS staff member will contact you to schedule an interview.

WorldView for Faculty

A WorldView student can add first-hand perspective to your curriculum to create a richer classroom experience and inspire deeper, meaningful connections between international and domestic students.  

In the past, WorldView Ambassadors have complemented faculty syllabi with:

  • First-hand perspectives on Brazil’s economy and culture in an economics class

  • Lessons on Ecuadorian slang, politics and culture in an advanced Spanish class

  • Conversations about business culture and communications styles around the world  

  • Panel discussions on cultural differences in the workplace, featuring students from Hong Kong, India, Singapore and Bulgaria

How to request a WorldView student:

Complete the faculty interest form or email the CISS staff to tell us about your classroom needs.

WorldView for Staff

WorldView supports staff members who frequently work with international students or who simply want to gain a new perspective on their work. When WorldView Ambassadors meet with staff, the students learn about resources that are available to them, and staff gain insights that help them support students from diverse backgrounds.

In the past, WorldView Ambassadors have:

  • Explained the Chinese healthcare system and cultural approaches to mental health to Health, Wellness and Counseling staff

  • Talked with the Bentley University Police Department about their experiences on campus and in the U.S., comparing norms in police culture and protocols around the world

How to request a WorldView student:

Complete the staff interest form or email the CISS staff to tell us about your needs.