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University Life

Housing Policies

Early Move-in Policy

All students must adhere to the move-in and move-out dates specified in the Housing and Meal Plan Contract and communicated by the Residential Center.

Only pre-approved students who are part of a university sponsored program are allowed to move into campus early. Approved students must abide by all University policies during the early move-in period. Guests are not permitted during the early arrival period, and policy violations during this time may result in removal from campus housing.

Academic Policy

All students in housing must maintain a full time status and be registered for 12 or more credits per semester to live in university housing. Requested exceptions to this policy must be submitted in writing to the Residential Center.

Below is the University's attendance policy for all students as defined by Academic Services:

Students are expected to attend all class meetings; there is a no “cut allowance.” Students must be registered and in class prior to the start of the second week of classes. If a student has not been in attendance by the first class of the second week, the student will need faculty and department chair approval to enter the class.  Instructors retain the right to deny admission to a course to any student who wishes to enroll after the first week of classes. 

After the second week, students may not register for a class and may not attend classes for which they are already registered (if they have not attended before that time).

The full attendance policy is described in the Bentley University Undergraduate Student Handbook.

Damage Billing Policy

When a student moves out of on-campus housing, a member of the Residential Center staff will inspect the condition of the room. Students are expected to keep their room free from damage and to ensure that the cleanliness has been restored to the condition when they moved in. Any damage or trash left in the space will be assessed, and the cost of repairs or trash removal will be billed to the student(s) in that room. If the space is occupied by multiple students, the charges will be split evenly among all occupants of the space.

For more information on our current damage billing process and timeline, please visit the Spring 2023 closing information page.

Permitted and Prohibited Items

For information about permitted and prohibited items in the residence halls, please access the Student Handbook.