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The Arts


The Arts @ Bentley

Our Arts @ Bentley and Bowles programs provide you with opportunities to complement your business studies with art-related activities and events including workshops, performances, trips, and involvement in art-related student organizations. We aim to unite all members of the Bentley community through common interests in and mutual appreciation for the arts.

For more information regarding schedules of programs and ways to engage with SP&E Arts Programs, visit our social media sites.

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Explore. Engage. Museum

This series is an opportunity for students to explore local museums around New England. Those interested in attending will be provided transportation to and from museums for the day where they can explore the arts community. Discounted passes will be provided.

Campus Workshops and Performances

Through on campus workshops and performances students are given the opportunity to learn where they live. Students can learn a new craft tHhrough a variety of workshops, which allows them to commit as much time as they would like, students. Additionally, on campus performances gives students the chance to enjoy the talents of local artists or their fellow students in their own space.

The Off Campus Experience 

The off campus experience is an opportunity for students to explore what the Boston and New England arts community has to offer. These trips gives students the opportunity to experience the performing arts at a discounted price and learn more about the history and culture surrounding that performance or theater.


The goal of collaborations is to connect the Arts @ Bentley program with student organizations and departments across campus in hopes of providing diverse programming to the Bentley community. Working with student organizations and various departments across campus allows for a broader reach and creates opportunities for larger, more interactive and diverse programming.

Music Rehearsal Room

Located in the lowest level of the Trees Residence Hall (Spruce), the Music Rehearsal Room is available to students who need a quiet place to play their instruments. It is open every day of the week and closes during residence hall quiet hours.

To gain access to the Music Rehearsal Room, you must visit the Student Center Business Center located across from the SP&E Office (330).