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Fraternity & Sorority Life


Fraternity & Sorority Life

Bentley Greek Life (Fraternity & Sorority Life, or FSL) is a community of dedicated students striving to develop leaders, support membership and contribute to philanthropic efforts. We accomplish these goals through service, scholarship and social opportunities. During the 2016-2017 academic year, Bentley’s FSL chapters collectively:

  • Raised over $60,000 for local and national causes through a variety of collaborative events,
  • Successfully initated 223 new members during Spring recruitment,
  • Revised policies, participated in risk management trainings and improved the FSL brans, and 
  • Emphasized scholarship, improved E-board transitions, and developed memberships.

Students discuss their experiences as members of Greek Life here - (

Standards Program 

The purpose of the Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) Community Standards Program is to provide a proactive, comprehensive, and consistent framework to support and measure chapter success. Standards set clear expectations for all chapters, regardless of council membership or affiliation with a national organization. In accordance with the mission of Greek Life, the Rights & Responsibilities of Chapters, and departmental goals for implementing a standards program that measures chapter success, standards are outlined for the FSL community in the following areas:

  • Campus & Community Engagement (CCE)
  • Membership & Chapter Management (MCM)
  • Recruitment & New Member Education (RNME)
  • Risk Management (RM)


Parent & Family Resources

As a parent, guardian, or family member of a Bentley student, you may be interested in learning more about Greek Life on campus. Please feel free to read a letter from the Director and Associate Director introducing Bentley’s Greek Life program.

In the event that your student is interested in joining a fraternity or sorority, please feel free to review this set of Fraternity & Sorority Life Parent & Family FAQs which provides context for the recruitment process and new member education, the University’s expectations of chapters, and the benefits to joining a chapter.

Please also feel free to contact Matt Galewski (, Associate Director of Student Programs & Engagement, if you have any questions or concerns.


Recruitment Requirements

To participate in the recruitment process, you must:

  • Be in good standing with the university
  • Complete one semester of academic course work; transfer students with class code 2 also are eligible for recruitment.
  • Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA; additional requirements are outlined by each chapter
  • Register with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life by attending a mandatory new member orientation session


Sorority Expansion

In Spring 2017, the Panhellenic Council voted to to open for expansion with the goal of adding a fourth sorority chapter to Bentley’s community by Fall 2018. The process will proceed along the timeline outlined below:

Fall 2017

  • Application review
  • Campus presentations by finalists
  • Selection of chapter that will be invited to colonize at Bentley

Spring 2018

  • Notification to groups on decision regarding invitation to colonize
  • Onboarding, marketing, and planning for new colony

Fall 2018:

  • Anticipated colonization of new chapter


Governing Councils

Interfraternity Council
The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the umbrella organization for recognized on-campus fraternities. The IFC consists of one representative from each chapter and an executive board of annually elected officers.

Panhellenic Council
The Panhellenic Council (NPC) is the umbrella organization for recognized on-campus sororities. The NPC consists of one representative from each chapter and an executive board of annually elected officers.

Greek Activities Council
The Greek Activities Council (GAC) promotes communication, collaboration, and cohesion within the Fraternity and Sorority Life community and fosters positive connections with the campus as a whole through programming and other initiatives.



  • Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded to provide opportunities for the Jewish college man seeking the best possible college and fraternity experience.
    Motto: Developing Leadership for the Jewish Community
    Established at Bentley in 2005
  • Alpha Gamma Pi realizes the benefit of giving back to the community as a local fraternity. We believe that donating our time to help others not only improves their standard of living, but also adds tremendous value to our lives.
    Motto: Brotherhood Through Fraternity Forever
    Established at Bentley in 1924
  • Alpha Sigma Phi was founded To Better the Man, through the creation and perpetuation of Brotherhood founded upon the virtues of character… Silence, Purity, Charity, Honor, Patriotism.
    Motto: To Better the Man
    Established at Bentley in 2000
  • Delta Kappa Epsilon values the Cultivation of General Literature and Social Culture, the Advancement and Encouragement of Intellectual Excellence, the Promotion of Honorable Friendship and Useful Citizenship, the Development of a Spirit of Tolerance and Respect for the Rights and Views of Others, the Maintenance of Gentlemanly Dignity, Self-Respect, and Morality in All Circumstances, and the Union of Stout Hearts and Kindred interests to Secure to Merit its Due Reward.
    Motto: Friends from the Heart Forever
    Established at Bentley in 1991
  • Kappa Sigma is focused upon the Four Pillars of FELLOWSHIP, LEADERSHIP, SCHOLARSHIP and SERVICE. As a values-based men's fraternity, Kappa Sigma strictly forbids hazing and fosters meaningful college experiences by offering progressive membership development and pledge education.
    Motto: Bononia Docet ("Bologna Teaches")
    Established at Bentley in 2008
  • Sigma Chi's core values are friendship, justice and learning. Our vision is to become the preeminent collegiate leadership development organization – aligned, focused and living our core values. Our mission is to develop values-based leaders committed to the betterment of character, campus and community.
    Motto: "In Hoc Signo Vinces," which means "In this sign, you will conquer."
    Established at Bentley in 2012
  • Sigma Gamma Delta promotes goodwill and friendship between its members, acquaintances, the college community, and the community at large. We also have the objective of increasing the social relationships and activities of its members through a distince vision of friendship. We aim to create a cohesive brotherhood that will stand the test of time while giving back to the world in which we live through charity. In unity is strength!
    Motto: In Unity is Strength (Unis Veris)
    Established at Bentley in 1965
  • Sigma Pi was founded to build and support chapters and alumni organizations for the purpose of maintaining a Fellowship of kindred minds united in Brotherhood.
    Motto: A New Generation of Leaders
    Established at Bentley in 2008
  • Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding women supporting one another in lifelong achievements.
    Motto: Union Hand in Hand
    Established at Bentley in 1982
  • Gamma Phi Beta is to foster a nurturing environment that provides woman the opportunity to achieve their potential through lifelong commitment to intellectual growth, individual worth and service to humanity.
    Motto: Founded Upon a Rock
    Established at Bentley 1975
  • Phi Sigma Sigma inspires the personal development of each sister and perpetuate the advancement of womanhood.
    Motto: Aim High
    Established at Bentley in 1991