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Programs: Campus Events and Traditions

Departmental Programs

Student Programs & Engagement (SP&E) collaborates with student organizations and other offices on campus to offer meaningful programs and exciting traditions to students each year. There are over 200 event opportunities for students to interact with peers and make social connections on campus, build skills as future business leaders, and engage in reflection, citizenship, and intentional diversity education through attendance SP&E programs. Some of our most well-known traditions are described below.

Back to Bentley is a time at the beginning of the semester when the Office of Student Programs & Engagement welcomes back all undergraduate students returning to Bentley in the fall. The weekend is filled with a host of interactive programs and opportunities to meet student organizations you are interested in joining. The weekend also features a high-energy welcome back concert hosted by the Campus Activities Board.

Winterfest is an annual winter event held in the beginning of the spring semester that includes live music, food trucks, and different winter themed activities. It’s a time to unwind and stay warm during the cooler New England months!

Moments of Comfort is all about taking care of students during finals at the end of each semester. Staff from Student Affairs provide studying students with little “moments of comfort” to help students relax and feel supported during what can be a stressful time.


Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Producing approximately 50 events a year, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) is the largest organization on campus. Appealing to the entire student body, CAB hosts events such as Casino Night, trips to sporting events, Fenway Bentley, the Newlywed Game, comedy shows, Homecoming, and Bentley’s annual Spring Day event!

Today 'N Tonight (TNT)

Today ‘N Tonight in the Bentley Student Center (TNT) is a student staff division of the Office of Student Programs & Engagement. TNT develops programs that promote student engagement with the Student Center. TNT is comprised of five teams that focus on a variety of social interests within the Bentley community.  Together, students who work as members of TNT strive to create an energetic and interactive environment where students have a creative and carefree outlet to unwind, de-stress, and form social connections with their peers.

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