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New Students


Welcome to Bentley. We require that every new full-time student complete the following:

Immunizations and Health History

The Bentley Center for Health and Wellness and the state of Massachusetts require the following health information to be submitted via our secure Online Health Student Portal no later than July 1 for Fall enrollment and January 15 for January enrollment. Please follow the instructions below. You will not be allowed to move into housing or begin classes until you have submitted the required information. 


  1. Log into the Online Health Student Portal to download the following forms which MUST be signed by your health care provider
    1. Bentley Immunization record (official Bentley University Immunization Record Immunization or record from previous college or health care provider is also acceptable)
    2. Physical Examination form (recommended)


  1. Log into the Online Health Student Portal  to enter the following information
    1. Health History (located under "forms" on the homepage of the online student portal)
    2. Immunization Record--enter the vaccine dates from your Immunization Record
    3. Tuberculosis Risk Questionnaire (located under "forms" on the homepage of the online student portal)


  1. Upload Completed and Signed Documents to the Online Health Student Portal
    1. Signed Immunization record
    2. Physical Examination form (recommended)
    3. Meningitis waiver form if you are waiving the vaccine
    4. Consent To Treat of a minor (only required if you are a minor (under 18) when you arrive at Bentley University)
    5. Tuberculosis Medical Provider Form (only required if you answered "Yes" to any of the questions on the TB Risk Questionnaire in your online health portal.)

Please check your Bentley email throughout the summer for communication from the Health Center  You will be contacted ONLY if any information is incomplete or missing. Therefore no news, is good news. If you have further questions, call the center at 781.891.2222. 


Required Immunizations

Massachusetts college immunization laws require all full-time undergraduate students (12 or more credits) and full-time graduate students (9 or more credits) to have the following immunizations on file at the university. Students who are not in compliance will not be allowed to move into on-campus housing and attend classes. 

In addition to those listed below, we also recommend the following vaccines: Gardasil or Cervarix, and Hepatitis A. Information and recommendations regarding the new Meningitis B Vaccine can be found at this CDC website. For more information, click here for a downloadable PDF with recommendations from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Immunization Clinics:
We coordinate immunization clinics during new student orientation periods for students who are unable to receive the required immunizations below. 

Undergraduate Student Clinic: August 22nd (move in day)  9:00-3:00 in the Back Bay rooms located in the lower level of the Student Center

Graduate Student Clinic:  August 23rd  9:00-1:00 in the Executive Dining Room located on the upper level of the LaCava Building.



Hepatitis B

Three doses of the vaccine or documentation of a positive antibody titer (HHsAB)

Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR)

Two doses of the combined vaccine. The first dose must be received on or after your first birthday. If the vaccine dates are not available, a blood test to determine immunity to all three parts of the vaccine is acceptable. You will need the combined vaccines if there is no immunity. Histories of measles, mumps and rubella is not acceptable.

Meningococcal/meningitis (Menactra, Menveo)

ALL newly enrolled full-time students 21 years of age and under will be required to submit one of the following:


  • Documentation of a dose of MenACWY vaccine received on or after your 16th birthday OR
  • A signed meningococcal vaccine waiver(link below) OR
  • A medical or religious exemption for meningococcal vaccine 
  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts waiver

Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis (TdaP)

One time booster after 6/2005. If booster date is more than 10 years ago, a Td(tetanus) vaccine will be required.


All students must complete the "Tuberculosis Screening Form". Based on the answers to the screening form, some students may be required to complete the "TB Risk Assessment Form" 

Varicella (chickenpox)

Two doses received at least one month apart, OR documentation of a positive antibody titer, OR documentation of a reliable history of varicella disease verified by a healthcare provider. The first dose MUST be received on or after your first birthday.