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There are many fitness opportunities on campus including weekly fitness classes*, a wide variety of club sports and intramurals

Fitness Facilities

Dana Athletic Center

The Dana Athletic Center is our state-of-the-art, 118,000-square-foot fitness facility. With a 10,000 square-feet of weight room and cardio spaces, an aquatics center, and field house, students have several indoor options for fitness and recreation.

Wellness Studio-for residential students

Located in the basement of Slade Hall, the Wellness Studio features:

  • Weekly fitness and stress reduction classes
  • Yoga mats and blocks
  • Pilates mats and rings
  • resistance bands
  • TV/DVD system for students’ personal fitness DVDs

Student organizations may reserve the studio for practices. For more information, contact Jessica Greher Traue at 781.891.2947 or

General Outdoor facilities

Students are welcome to use the track and field, recreational basketball courts and beach volleyball court for impromptu play. Those enrolled in intramurals utilize some of the outdoor athletic fields for play. Students also access to the Robert Treat Paine Estate and hiking trails at the intersection of Beaver and Forest Streets.

Racquetball Courts-for residential students

The racquetball court is located in Slade Hall and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Equipment is available to borrow. In additiona to racquetball, the court is also used for Wallyball.  It can only be reserved for special events. To reserve the court contact Jessica Greher-Traue at at least one week in advance.

Fitness and Stress Reduction Classes

During the academic year, we offer 9 to 12- week, one-hour fitness and stress reduction classes at a minimal cost for residential students. Advance registration is required through MyBentley and you are guaranteed a spot each week. All classes take place in the Wellness Studio in Slade Hall. All levels are welcome as modifications are offered, and yoga equipment is available for students to use during class.

Class Schedule and Registration

Residential students are emailed infromation about registration at the beginning of each semester.  Registration is conducted through mybentley. A credit card is required. Class registration is first- come, first-served and classes are non-refundable. Clas cost is determned by the number of weeks the class meets. This is why one class may cost $50 and another $55 and another $60. The Fall class schedule and course descriptions will be posted in late August/early September and Winter/Spring schedule posted in January.

The tentative Spring 2018 schedule is listed below. All levels are welcome! 

Sundays 7:30pmZumbaDitch the workout and join this latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness party™!  Come check out the Zumba phenomenon that's moving millions of people towards joy and heath! Participants should dress for exercise and have comfortable shoes...all fitness levels are welcome$55
Mondays 8:30pmCore, Pilates & Cardio Mix Up

Improve your strength, flexibility, toning, and endurance. Set to energizing and inspiring music, this class works the full body, especially the core. Your workout will entail two parts: Pilates and cardio. Each Pilates section is low-impact, slow, and controlled. We stay centered on our mats, welcoming challenging exercises. The cardio section will involve higher-impact moves, such as jumps, sprints, or planks. There are modifications available for each and every person! Suitable for all levels. Be prepared to feel refreshed and revitalized after your class!

Tuesdays 4:30pmVinyasa FlowAshtanga-based flow yoga where participants move through dynamic sequences of poses linking breath and movement to open the body. It builds strength and flexibility while calming the mind. Modifications and variations will be taught. All levels welcome$55
Upper BodyWe combine a total arms, abs & cardio workout in this class. Each class will involve different cardio moves, varying from jumps, to sprints, to planks. The upper body focus will be on chest, back, and shoulder muscles, right down to tricep and biceps. The core focus will be on abs and obliques. We will use our own body weight in combination with some props, such as blocks or rings! All levels welcome. Be prepared to sweat, tone, and have fun! $55
Zumba(see above)$55
Gentle Restorative Yoga

In Restorative yoga, passive poses are held for longer periods of time while the body is supported by props to dissolve physical and mental tension. This deeply relaxing practice allows you to create space to unwind, and de-stress after a busy week. Perfect for every body, beginners to experienced students alike.