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Trainings, Workshops, and Bulletin Boards

Trainings and Workshops

The Equity Center offers an array of trainings and workshops. The various student groups within the Equity Center partner with the Title IX staff, the LGBTQ @ Bentley Steering Committee, the Gender Studies Program, and other faculty and staff to co-facilitate these educational initiatives. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Ally workshops
  • Gender roles and stereotypes workshops
  • Hook-up culture panels
  • One Love Foundation’s Escalation workshop (which explores dating violence, domestic violence, and healthy relationships)
  • Privilege workshops
  • Title IX trainings
  • Trans 101 trainings

To request one of the trainings or workshops listed above, or to learn about other possible offerings, please e-mail the Equity Center at

Bulletin Boards

In addition to offering a variety of workshops, the Equity Center provides the following bulletin board templates for student leaders and staff members in a variety of offices: