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Additional Housing Options

Gender Inclusive Housing-Living on Campus

Bentley University is committed to creating an affirming community for our transgender, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming students.  The Residential Center will work with students to find a housing situation that is affirming and will support each student’s academic growth. If you would like to speak with someone contact Kathryn Keyes, Associate Director of the Residential Center at  

Roommates of Resident Assistants

If a resident is selected or assigned to live in a resident assistant's living space, it's important to understand that the The Residential Center has the right to change a resident's room assignment in the event of an RA employment change or due to any impediments of the RA job function during the year. Some examples of when this may occur include if the RA roommate:

Participates in a study abroad program
Leaves the position for any other reason

Hosting an Exchange Student

If a resident is interested in broadening their horizons and making new connections with the world, a resident may consider hosting an exchange student in their housing group. Living with an exchange student is extremely rewarding, for both the resident and their new international friend. This is also a wonderful option to round out a group of three roommates who wish to become a group of four. The current application to host an exchange student is live and can be found here: This option is only available to rising juniors and seniors.