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Living and Learning

There are many opportunities within the residential community at Bentley that go beyond just living in a dorm.  Find out how you can make a difference in the community as well as make some amazing friends along the way! 

Defined Communities

The Defined Communities at Bentley provide opportunities for students with similar interests to live and engage together in a dedicated area of a residence hall.  Guided and advised by strong teams of faculty, staff, and student leaders, the Defined Communities at Bentley allow students the opportunity to take ownership of their living and learning to enhance their overall experience on campus.  

The benefits of a Defined Community include:

  • Dedicated space for programming and engagement opportunities 
  • Early housing selection opportunities
  • Off campus programming initiatives 
  • Community Collaborations - Our Community Collaborations are made up by staff and faculty members from across campus who have chosen to support each of our defined communities.  Some staff or faculty choose to support our communities based on their similar academic expertise or office’s direct connection to the community.  Other offices and departments choose to support our Defined Communities as additional ways to provide guidance and mentorship to the student body.  Whatever their motivation, Community Collaborations offer students direct one on one support and can be critical connection points for students as they move through their Bentley experience.  

To find out all the Defined Communities Bentley has to offer click HERE.

Residential Education

One of the fundamental charges of the Bentley University Residential Center is to ensure that learning remains a pivotal part of the residential experience. Each residence hall on campus plays an important role in promoting students’ social, emotional, and intellectual development.  We strive to foster atmospheres within our residence halls that help students expand upon their academic experiences in the classroom.  The outcomes below represent the learning students should expect from their residential experience through a variety of engagement strategies identified by the department.  By living within the residence halls, students will be able to:

  • Critical Thinking and Conduct
  • Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Skills
  • Diverse Interactions and Social Justice
  • Connection to the Curriculum and University Resources

Find out more about how you can learn some of these amazing skills and gain access to these great resources by clicking HERE

Residence Hall Association

Our Residence Hall Association (RHA) represents students who live on campus through legislation, committees and policy development, as well as working closely with campus administrators to address issues of concern. You can voice your opinion on any issue by attending a General Board meeting or contacting any active member of the RHA.