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Frequently Asked Questions

On-Campus Housing

When are the residence halls open?

Bentley University residence halls will open:

  • First-Year students, Undergraduate International students, and Transfer students will be able to access their residence halls on Wednesday, August 22, 2018.
    • Oak, Slade, and Spruce Hall - 8:00am-10:30am
    • Alder, Birch, Cedar, Elm, Maple and Miller - 10:30am-1:00pm
    • Transfers and Exchange students will move in starting at 8:00am at various locations across campus.  
    • If you are participating in the MOSIAC program through the Multicultural Center or any of the Residential Center Defined Communities, you will receive further communication regarding the specifics of your move in dates and times.  
  • Upperclass students will be able to access their residence halls on Sunday, August 26th at 10:00 a.m.

When are the residence halls closed?

Bentley University residence halls are closed for the following break:

  • Winter Break - Only students with recognized and pre-approved need to be on-campus will be permitted to stay in residence during this period.
  • Summer Break -  Only students with recognized and pre-approved need to be on-campus will be permitted to stay in residence after this date.

Please note that the residence halls do not close for Undergraduate Mini-Break in October, Thanksgiving Break, and Spring Break.

Do I need to apply to return to campus earlier than the move-in dates listed above?

Students are not allowed to return before the dates listed above, if there is a valid reason that a student needs to return sooner, the student should e-mail explaining their situation and requesting permission.

What are the costs for on-campus housing?

The cost for the academic year can be found here: Housing and Meal Plan Rates. Although students are billed for the entire academic year, each semester is billed separately. The contract signed is for the entire academic year. A student must remain on campus for the year, the only exceptions to breaking the contract during mid-semesters is: graduating in December, studying abroad for the spring semester, or leaving Bentley because of transferring or taking a leave of absence. The rates for both semesters are listed on your contract and in the link above.

Does the fee for the semester include the housing for Spring Break?

Yes, the fee does include Spring Break and other breaks. Please read previous questions regarding Residence Hall Closings.

What should I do if there is basic furniture missing from my room or if I would like to replace provided furniture with my own?

We do not remove any furniture from our residence halls unless it is damaged. If you find that furniture is missing you can file a work order to replace that furniture.

If I don't receive on campus housing, are there off campus options?

Students who choose not to live on campus often will contact apartment complexes in the area or  refer to the web, or a local realtor’s office.

How do I appeal a dorm damage fine?

If you are fined for dorm damage, please email for an itemization of your dorm damage fines and schedule an appeal. 

Will I automatically have renter’s insurance, or do I need to apply for this on my own?

We strongly suggest that all students obtain their own renters insurance in order to be fully covered for any losses.  Students should also check with their parent’s insurance company to see if they have coverage for their dependent living at a university.


Summer Break

Can I stay in my same room for just the summer?

We do have Summer Housing; it is a different contract and can be found on-line in early April. Unfortunately, we do not allow students to remain in their academic assignments during the summer break.

I already have a job planned for the Summer at Bentley. What type of housing is available on campus during the Summer for student workers, and how do I apply?

There will be a summer housing application on line. We use one of our apartment buildings to house all summer undergraduate students. Graduate students are housed in North Campus D during the summer. The apartments have full kitchen because there is minimal food service available during the summer.

What kind of housing is available for students taking classes in the Summer, and how do I apply?

There will be a summer housing application on line. We use one of our apartment buildings to house all summer undergraduate students. 


Who is allowed to remain on-campus during Wintersession?

Only students with recognized and pre-approved need to be on-campus will be permitted to stay in residence.  Several examples of reasons that are generally approved to stay are current athletes, work-study students, students with internships on-campus or in the greater Boston area, and students with valid reasons.

Students working on or off campus must also have confirmation from their supervisor stating that they are needed and the dates that the student will be working.

How do I apply for Wintersession housing?

All students requesting on-campus housing during Wintersession must submit an online application.  A series of strict application deadlines are followed for winter recess housing applications. Submission of a housing application is not an approval or guarantee of winter recess housing. All approvals for winter recess housing are conditional and subject to being rescinded. Students currently living in apartments will more than likely receive approval; everyone else will receive approval as space becomes available.

Does the fee for the semester include the housing for Wintersession?

No, the fee does not include housing for Wintersession. Please read previous questions regarding Residence Hall Closings.

Housing Selection

How does the Room Selection Process work?

Detailed information regarding the Room Selection will be e-mailed to all current resident students in November. Please click here for more information.

I think I want to do a room change. What do I do?

If you wish to request a room change before you actually move into your room (during the summer or right after room selection process) you should submit a Room Change Request form on- line.  If school is in session and you want to request a room change you should meet with your RA and your RD.

My preference is for a 1 bedroom, will I automatically be assigned a single?

Limited numbers of single accommodations are available on campus.  Undergraduate students may be able to select singles through the housing selection process if any are available. 

What kind of housing is available for students taking classes in the Summer, and how do I apply?

Same as above

Issues with Your Room?

What do I do if I have problems with my room?

If it is an emergency type of problem, such as flooding, toilet won’t flush, etc., you should call the Residential Center at 781-891-2148, during working hours, and after hours you should call University Police at 781-891-2201.

If not an emergency issue (such as broken furniture, damage, etc.) please submit a work order online at

Do you have problems with the laundry machines?

E-mail your RD or fill out a ticket with Automatic Laundry

Do you have problems with your phone and/or data jacks?

E-mail with your problem or concern.

Do you have a problem with your Cable service?

E-mail with your problem or concern.

Do the residence halls have wireless Internet access?

Wireless Internet access is available in all residence halls. Please contact with issues.

How do I submit a work order?

Work Orders need to be submitted online at If you have trouble with the system, please contact Facilities Management at 781-891-2208.

Other Questions

Are pets allowed?

No pets are allowed in the residential buildings, except for fish. Those found keeping pets illegally are subject to fines and judicial action. Only authorized service or therapy animals are allowed.  

Do the apartments have full kitchens?

The apartments do have a stove and refrigerator but you should plan on bringing your own microwave, small kitchen appliances and dishes.  North Campus apartments are the only apartments that have microwaves.

Are there laundry facilities in each apartment?

Laundry facilities can be found in each building with the exception of the Falcones (the laundry facilities are only in Falcone North).  The washers are dryers operate with falcon funds.

Are all of the rooms furnished?  What furniture is included in the room?

All rooms are provided with furniture.  Each student in a room or apartment has a bed, desk, chair, closet and bureau.  The suite type rooms have a couch or chair to accommodate each student in that suite; they also have a micro/fridge in each unit. The apartments have a full kitchen, living room with couch and tables, and again a bed, desk, chair, closet and bureau. The kitchens do not include dishes, pots, or pans; these are the responsibility of the students. Furniture in all accommodations are not allowed to be removed from the rooms.

What are the additional items I should purchase to bring to my room?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Toiletry items (soap, shampoo, towels, floor towel, bathroom tissue, etc.)
  2. Bed sheets, pillow case, blankets (extra-long)
  3. Television
  4. Microfridge

What can I expect to find in my room when I arrive?

Each room and apartment contains standard bedroom furniture that consists of a mattress (80 inch extra-long twin size), a bed frame, a desk, a chair, a dresser and either a closet or wardrobe, depending on the layout of the room. Additionally, apartment-style units include a kitchen, a bathroom and some comfortable seating. The kitchen includes a sink, refrigerator and stove. You are expected to provide your own linens, and students in apartment-style housing will need to provide their own kitchen, bathroom and cleaning supplies. Shower curtains are provided for the bathrooms.

What is the size of the bed’s mattress?

All our beds are extra-long twin.

How do I reserve a lounge in one of the residence halls?

Student group lounge requests need to be approved by the Resident Director of the community. Please allow adequate time for your request to be reviewed before the day of your event. The Residence Director will notify you if you have been approved to use one of the lounges, along with any additional information or policies about use of the lounge.

How do I recycle in the residence halls?

Recycling information will be posted in your resident hall.  We have one-stream recycling at Bentley and have the big dumpsters outside the halls.

Can I have a candle in my room?

No. Candles are prohibited on campus. For a complete list of prohibited items please refer to Bentley’s Student Handbook.

What are the "conditions for residency" that i should know about?

The “Conditions for Residency” are policies set by the University, which entail the administrative and safety issues of living in a residence hall. You should refer to the Student Handbook to answer most of your questions regarding life in the halls.

i want to hang flyers in the residence halls. what do i have to do?

Please bring your flyers to Student Programs and Engagement for approval and distribution. Up to 100 copies can be posted in the residence halls.

How do I get my door combination or lock changed?

All combination or lock change requests must go through the Residential Center Office.  If the combination is being changed because there was a change in occupancy, within the room, it will be done at no charge.  If you are requesting a change due to too many people knowing your combination the charge is $17.00.

What should I do if my Bentley ID won't allow me into my residence hall?

Please contact the Card Office located in the University Police station during working hours, or call University Police after hours at 781-891-2201.

I've heard the Residential Center hires students to work during the academic year and Summer Break. How do I find out what positions are available, and how do I apply?

Many positions are available in the summer for Bentley undergraduate students. The Student Employment office will have all the listings on campus. They will also be on-line.

I left my ID in my room and am locked out. Who do I contact to get into my residence?

If you are locked out during business hours, you try to contact your Resident Assistant (RA), if you are unable to reach the RA, you should call the Residential Center at 781-891-2148.  After hours again, you should try to contact your Resident Assistant (RA). If you are unable to then call University Police at 781-891-2201.

For more information, please contact