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Student Programs

We prepare men and women for success and leadership in the workplace through experiential learning and academic theory. Our programs focus on critical workplace diversity issues and strategies for self-advocacy and inclusive leadership. 

  • Women's Leadership Program: A four-year program that empowers young women with the essential skills, real-world experiences, and confidence needed to advance into leadership roles.
  • Student Fellowship: A one-semester fellowship with the CWB that provides men and women real-world leadership preparation through an exploration of current gender and workplace diversity issues and best practices. 
  • Bentley Women's Network (BWN): A student group dedicated to the economic engagement of women through on-campus conferences that build student awareness and confidence.
  • Men of Alliance: A student group that bring together male students interested in learning about gender equity issues and demonstrating active support for their female peers in the classroom and the workplace.
  • HerStory: Women Leaders of Today: Provides a space for women to interact with and live amongst women who share passion for women’s issues.
  • CWB Connection: Provides Bentley students with a connection to CWB event invites and bi-weekly updates on relevant opportunities on campus.