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Gender Studies Program

Gender Studies explores the ways in which concepts and ideas of femininity and masculinity evolve and change over historical time and cultural location. Simply put, gender plays a significant role in nearly every aspect of our everyday lives. Gender intersects with political, social, and economic systems. It informs:

  • Personal and cultural identity
  • Religious beliefs
  • Legal structures
  • Race and class formations
  • Sexual orientation
  • Labor practices
  • Social policy
  • Interpersonal relationships

Gender Studies promotes awareness of the operations and effects of gender in the social sphere, and encourages students to foster productive connections between the analytical or theoretical examinations of gender and their own lived experiences.

Our Gender Studies Program provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the political, social, economic, and personal implications of gender issues. Courses are designed to combine the analytical tools of different disciplines, incorporating both practical and theoretical strategies to exploring gender in a broad range of cultural and historical contexts. We work closely with other campus organizations such as the Women’s Center and PRIDE to provide education and awareness on diversity initiatives.

Gender Studies Minor

As part of the program, we offer a Gender Studies minor to provide you with additional opportunities to explore the many ways gender shapes and impacts our lives, institutions, society, and culture.