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Undergraduate Degrees

English Major

To succeed in the business world, no matter what your passion — buying or selling, marketing or management, finance or economics — you need to be able to communicate. In fact, communication skills are a key factor in career advancement. 

The English major is a distinctive study of the methods, philosophies and practices of literary and cultural studies. The curriculum enables students to gain a wider understanding of our increasingly globalized and diverse world and focuses on textual analysis and production. English majors are trained to communicate effectively, clearly, and logically and have a variety of exciting career paths in both public and private sectors to choose from: Writing for Web and Multimedia, Screenwriting, Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Publishing, Journalism, Editing, Entertainment, Law, Education, Grant Writing, Copywriting, Technical Writing, Library Sciences/Information Services, and Public Policy. To that end, you will hone writing skills across genre and are encouraged to complete an internship or capstone project that requires you to develop effective communication skills on and off the page.

The English major requires that you complete a Business Studies major or minor.


For more information about the English major, contact:

Prof. Tzarina Prater
Adamian Academic Center 085

Media and Culture Major

Centered on the nature of storytelling in all its forms and designed to prepare students for a career in media industries, the Media and Culture major is focused on production with an integrative curriculum on media literacy, theory, and business. Show business is just that — a business. Students not only gain technical expertise in specialties such as video and audio production, graphic and motion design, and writing about media forms, they also learn solid business skills that teaches what it really takes for today’s leading and innovative media companies to succeed. With a keen focus on media literacy that everyone student should have, the wide array of available English and Media Studies courses teach how media texts operate at the creative, cultural, and industrial levels. Students can join other media and culture majors who have screened their original films at the Cannes Film Festival, interned at companies like MTV, and landed full-time jobs with prominent media firms in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.

Students are encouraged to complete either a media internship or capstone project, and will have the flexibility to study abroad. The Media and Culture Labs and Studio are home to professional software for screenwriting, film editing, sound mixing, animation, and graphic design and it is where students will gain hands-on experience in all forms of media production.

The Media and Culture major requires that you complete a Business Studies major or minor.


For more information about the Media and Culture major, contact:

Prof. Elizabeth LeDoux
Adamian Academic Center 091

Creative Industries Major

Creative Industries is the perfect major where business meets the arts & sciences. A partnership of the Departments of English and Media Studies with Information Design and Corporate Communication, Creative Industries majors learn how historical and technological changes drive demand for new culture, and dissect how innovators build content, platforms, or services for market success.

Creative industries are a major driver of global growth. To succeed in this rewarding arena there is a need for mastery of vital advocacy and visibility tools so creative works can “break through the clutter” to reach intended audiences. Our courses introduce students to the specialized techniques creative industries need in film, music, mobile gaming, television, advertising, user interface design, packaging, promotion, information architecture, and sports or entertainment public relations. 

The Creative Industries major requires that you complete the Business Core requirements.


For more information about the Creative Industries major, contact:

Prof. Jennifer Gillan
Adamian Academic Center 093

Liberal Studies Major

Media, Arts and Society Concentration

The Liberal Studies major (LSM) is an optional double major for students who are majoring in business. The LSM allows you to make meaningful connections within and across disciplines and to develop valuable skills in critical thinking, creative analysis and communication — skills that are vital to succeed both professionally and personally.

Grounded in the discipline of English and Media Studies with a cultural studies approach, the LSM concentration in Media Arts and Society aims to engage you in critical discourse about the uses and effects of modern media, increase knowledge about media technology, and encourage creative thinking through the use of such media. This concentration has a hands-on component in which students work directly with video, graphic design, digital photography, and sound design in creative ways.


For more information about the Liberal Studies major concentration in Media Arts and Society, contact:

Samir Dayal
Adamiam Academic Center 067

Liberal Arts Degree

Students who select the Liberal Arts major with a concentration in English and Media Studies may choose from a variety of courses in literature, cinema studies, creative writing, or communication. An English and Media Studies concentration is flexible, allowing you to design a program appropriate for graduate study in a field such as Literature or Communication, or to develop the communication skills and broad cultural background knowledge critical to success in business.

The Liberal Arts degree requires that you complete a Business Studies major or minor