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History Minor

The History minor offers students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the past and to broaden and sharpen their focus on the present.  Students can apply skills they learn in History to a variety of disciplines such as law, economics, government work—indeed any occupation that calls for independent judgment, clear reasoning, and an appreciation for the way the world works. A History minor can be a significant addition to any major program.


To obtain a minor, you must take 5 courses from the list of courses offered by the History Department before graduation. One of these courses would count towards the General Education Core requirement. You may also include one AP course in History if confirmed by the university as one of the five courses.

How to Declare:

To declare a minor, please go to, then select the "Student Self-Service" option, then select "Main Menu," and finally, select the menu option: "Add or Change Minor".  Please submit your declaration online to the Registrar. For any questions regarding the minor, please contact Professor Sung Choi at Please consult the link below to see the full list of courses offered in History or drop by and visit us! We are located on the first floor of the Adamian Academic Center in G109.