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Businesses are hiring expert communicators in record numbers. Career opportunities in IDCC’s concentrations are excellent — it’s where the new economy is being created.

Information Design/UX Careers

Information design, also called usability or user experience (UX), is regularly identified as one of the top professions for the coming decade. There’s high demand for people who write clearly, and can design vivid, imaginative social media and Internet experiences for target audiences. Growth is especially strong in high-tech, healthcare, government, finance and e-commerce. An ability to design information also can lead to careers creating online help systems, user guides, online demos, marketing and PR, and user interfaces for software and web sites.

Public Relations

The information revolution is triggering a rapid expansion in public relations. PR experts persuade, network and strategize on behalf of an organization’s products, reputation or issues. It’s a multibillion-dollar global profession that rewards teamwork, people skills and creativity, and is practiced by business and nonprofits alike. As a PR practitioner, you’ll help launch new products, design events, leverage digital and traditional media, create news, and network with people at all levels. You’ll work in an agency on client teams, or join an organization’s in-house operation.


Web Design

Web design teams include writers, graphic artists, computer programmers, HTML experts, database designers, information architects, usability designers, quality controllers, network specialists and system administrators. You’ll develop vivid user experiences in static and dynamic virtual environments, and in a growing business.