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Student Career Opportunities


Management internships are available with every type of organization imaginable — large and small, established and start-up, private sector and nonprofit. They can be in a wide range of business functions — human resources, operations, sales, manufacturing, research and development, and more. The responsibilities students take on reflect the broad spectrum of topics they study in Management courses. Internships may occur during the school year or during the summer.  

In Management internships, students apply their knowledge, learned in the classroom, to the business world and learn relevant new business skills. Through internships, students also:

  • Develop opportunities for future employment
  • Experience the dynamics of the actual workplace and learn how to be effective in that environment
  • Rapidly develop professional demeanor and overall professionalism
  • Critically evaluate how companies perform, as well as their personal performance in the business environment
  • Find mentors
  • Experience excellent business networking opportunities
  • Clarify what roles they do and don't like

Jobs Following Graduation

Virtually all organizations need professionals with the skills that students develop in the Management major — leading diverse teams, keeping operations running smoothly, managing relationships among different functions in the organization, developing innovative ideas and approaches. Our Management graduates have pursued careers in a wide range of positions in very different types and sizes of organizations. A small sampling of those organizations includes:

  • Biogen Idec
  • Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Father Bill’s
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Newburyport Bank
  • Teach for America
  • TJX