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Degree Programs


In the Mathematical Sciences Department, we offer a range of programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and PhD levels.

For undergraduates, we offer Bachelor of Science degrees in both Mathematical Sciences and Actuarial Science. Students also may minor in both of these specialties. In addition, we also offer the Quantitative Perspectives concentration through the Liberal Studies major.

At the graduate level, our department is home to a number of business analytics programs. These include the Master of Science in Business Analytics, and the graduate certificate in Business Analytics. Students also may choose our MBA concentration in Business Analytics. We also offer a business analytics specialty for students pursuing the Bentley PhD in Business.




College graduates with math degrees are in high demand. Knowledge of quantitative techniques, the ability to think analytically, and skills in building mathematical models to solve real-world problems are important assets that can help shape a career in industry, government and nonprofit institutions alike. The American Mathematical Society offers more information about career opportunities for students majoring in Mathematical Sciences.

In addition, actuaries are highly sought after by companies that analyze large amounts of historical data to assess risk and forecast long-term patterns. If you are interested in pursuing our Actuarial Science major, Be an Actuary offers more information about the profession and career opportunities. 

Winplot Software

You can download the Winplot software used in our math classes.