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Modern Languages | Faculty Profiles

Full-Time Faculty

Laure Astourian, Assistant Professor of French
Morison Hall 127 (781-891-2195)

Jane De León Griffin, Associate Professor of Spanish and Department Chair
Morison Hall 382 (781-891-3187)

Alison Guzmán, Lecturer of Spanish
Morison Hall 317  (781-891-2437)

Louis Iandoli, Professor Emeritus of French and Italian

Yuan Li, Senior Lecturer of Chinese and the Director of the CLIC
Academic Academic Center 162 (781-891-2017)

Christian Rubio, Associate Professor of Spanish
Morison Hall 285 (781-891-2694)

Jane Tchaïcha, Professor of French 
Morison Hall 385 (781-891-3158)

Adjunct Faculty

Mariastella Cocchiara, Adjunct Lecturer of Italian
Morison Hall 110 (781-891-3126)

Xiaolong (Naga) Diao, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chinese
Morison Hall 110 (781-891-3126)

Vanessa Gamble, Adjunct Lecturer of Italian
Morison Hall 110 (781-891-3126)

Shiori Koizumi, Adjunct Lecturer of Japanese
Morison Hall 343 (781-891-2405)

Dana Badger Simpson, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Spanish and French
Morison Hall 343 (781-891-2405)