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As dedicated teacher-scholars, faculty members of the Department of Modern Languages continuously incorporate our ongoing scholarly research into our teaching of modern languages and culture in the classroom.

We welcome Bentley undergraduate students to do research with us! Students can work with Modern Languages faculty mentors on their Honors Capstone research projects, Culminating Projects for the Liberal Studies Major, as paid Valente Center faculty research assistants, or as mentors through Valente Center Undergraduate Research Fellowships.

Faculty in our department are active in the following research areas:

Interdisciplinary Regional Studies

(Primarily in Spain, South America, France, North Africa, China)

  • Literary Studies
  • Film Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Theater Studies
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Post-Colonial Studies
  • Social movements (feminism, civic activism)
  • Cross border business practices in the 21st century 

Translation Studies and Practice

  • Curriculum development for classroom instruction and program development
  • Professional outputs (scholarly book translations) for literature and media

Second Language (L2) Pedagogy and Theory

  • L2 assessment tools to determine proficiency and specific competencies
  • Effective L2 course placement tools