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Undergraduate Degree

Hispanic Studies Major

Our Hispanic Studies major is designed to prepare students to use their Spanish language skills and knowledge of Hispanic cultures in their professional careers. Unlike traditional Spanish majors offered at many colleges and universities, Bentley’s Hispanic Studies major focuses less on literature and linguistics and more on practical applications of the Spanish language and the study of Hispanic cultures in the Americas, the Caribbean and Spain—including the culture of business in these regions. Our curriculum includes advanced grammar courses in composition and conversation, translation courses, Spanish for Business courses, as well as classes on film, literature, and other forms of cultural production. The major is designed for students of all levels, including non-native, heritage, and native speakers. 


The Hispanic Studies major consists of eight courses (24 credits), two of which can be approved courses outside the department of Modern Languages. All students must also complete an applied learning experience, which may include a study abroad program or an internship—either at home or abroad. In addition, the major requires that students complete a Business Studies major or minor.


Bentley students who have majored in Hispanic Studies have gone on to successful careers in international business and academia.