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Degree Programs

Science and technology are driving the “innovation economy” of the future. The Department of Natural and Applied Sciences at Bentley University (which includes psychology) offers courses that focus on the interests of business students, enabling them to apply knowledge of scientific principles, methods, and recent discoveries to their personal and professional lives.


The curriculum in the Natural and Applied Sciences Department is focused on two domains:

Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability                                               

This program focuses on providing students with an understanding of the complex interactions between human society and the physical environment. Courses emphasize the role that local, regional, and global environments play in personal and business decisions. These courses build scientific literacy in the core fields of geology, environmental biology, chemistry, and planetary science, and an understanding of applications in environmental protection, resource and risk management, alternative energy, property development, and environmental mitigation.


Health and Industry

Our Health and Industry focus provides students with an understanding of physical and psychological health, and the translation of advances in biology to benefit individuals, businesses and society. Courses focus on issues related to personal health and development, public health, the biopharmaceutical industry and health care practices. These courses build scientific literacy in the core fields of human biology, psychology, genetics and medicine, and an understanding of applications to health and wellness practices, human resources, organization management, health care communications, and the biopharmaceutical and health care industries.