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Rick Oches: Reconstructing Climate Change Rick Oches: Reconstructing Climate Change

 For thousands of years, the Earth's climate has gradually shifted between periods of warming and cooling. Rick Oches, Associate Professor of Geology and Environmental Sciences suggests, today's climate trend is anything but "normal." 




  Forensic Science in Action with David SzymanskiForensic Science in Action With David Symanski

From crime scene to courtroom, forensics plays a vital role in the criminal justice system . David Szymanski, Associate Professor of Earth and Forensic Sciences, discuss how physical evidence from the crime scene can be analysed to provide scientific information.




 Helen MeHelen Meldrum: The Power of Listening in Medicineldrum: The Power of Listening in Medicine

 Helen Meldrum covers the importance of a communication between doctors and providers in the medical field with their patients.




  Rick Oches: A Sustainable FutureRick Oches: A sustainable Future

 The practice of sustainibility isn't good just for environment ; It is imporant part of business too.