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Degree Programs

Applying Sociology and Sociological Careers

Every aspect of our lives is “social.” Thus, the topics taught in sociology can be helpful in any career path and occupation. Since all sociology courses deal with everyday elements of society, all sociology courses at Bentley are in a way "applied." We do offer a number of courses that focus more specifically on how to apply sociology across your experiences, and how sociology can be used to make social change possible.

Also, people have majored or minored in sociology can work across a variety of jobs, finding that their programs have prepared them to think critically, communicate effectively, and identify opportunity. These are traits that employers identify as most attractive when evaluating potential and current employees.

Applied sociology and clinical sociology are approaches that utilize sociological theories, methods, and outlooks for the purposes of identifying opportunities for meaningful impact and change. People with backgrounds in sociology work throughout society examining the nature of group dynamics, interactions and relationships, social change, and everyday life with an eye toward making an impact and difference.

We offer a variety of programs to give students the skills to "see sociologically" and understand how a sociological imagination and insight can be used to engage the world around them.