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Sociology | Faculty Profiles

Full-Time Faculty

W. Timothy Anderson, Professor Emeritus

Miriam Boeri, Associate Professor
Morison Hall 193 (781-891-2438)

Anthony Buono, Professor
Adamian Academic Center 315 (781-891-2529)

Gary David, Associate Professor & Chair
Morison Hall 194 (781-891-2698)

Daniel Everett, Professor 
Morison Hall 188 (781-891-2118)

Angela Garcia, Professor
Smith 300 (781-891-3154)

Anne Rawls, Professor
Morison Hall 149H (781-891-3148)

Curtis Smith, Lecturer
Morison Hall 139 (781-891-2027)

Jonathan White, Associate Professor & Director of Bentley Service Learning Center
Morison Hall 101A (781-891-2681)

Adjunct Faculty

Christopher Dale, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Morison Hall 106 (781-891-2469)

Jon Dzitko, Adjunct Assistant Professor
Morison Hall 106 (781-891-2469)

Richard Frese, Adjunct Associate Professor
Morison Hall 149E (781-891-3190)

Gary Kelly, Adjunct Lecturer & Senior Associate Director (Center for Alumni, Parents and Friends)
LaCava 270C (781-891-2360)